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United Earth Starfleet

United Earth Starfleet is a Star Trek Collaborative Writing Group that takes place in an Alternate Universe where the Federation was not formed. Earth’s relationship with the Vulcans took a serious downturn when the Vulcan High Command requested that the Warp 5 Program should be terminated after an unfortunate accident in which the Paraagan mining colony, Paraagan II, was destroyed. Earth, deciding to defy the advice of Vulcan, continued with the program. With the Vulcans no longer involved, this left an opening for the Andorians and Vissians to partner with Earth and guide them in their exploration of the galaxy.

Our sims take place in the year 2160 and are based aboard Earth’s first starbase, Forward Operations Base Apollo (FOB-1), and Antares (NX-11).

Our unique timeline and canon is known to the crew as “EagleVerse” (named for the first sim in the universe) and all information contained within our database has been deemed by the Game Master to be the official UES canon. For more information please browse our database and/or join our Discord server.

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The Earth News Network (ENN) is the in and out of character source of news for all UES Sims.

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Unfortunately I made an error updating our forums, Relay Station One, and caused them to be broken. The crew and I decided that we were going to disregard the build[…]

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Community Rules Update

As required by our community rules this is notification that our community rules have been updated! To view our community rules on the UES Database please click here. In order[…]

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