Introducing United Earth Starfleet

Welcome to United Earth Starfleet based on the EagleVerse canon created by Stephen and Kristen for use on the Eagle NX-12 a few years ago. Wanting to reprise the era but not wanting to continue with the Eagle without our original characters the Antares NX-11 was born and then thoughts of the creation of a sim based on the canon in the 24th Century. Enter the United Earth Starfleet website which will be the home of all sims falling in the canon including the old Eagle Archive and a new and improved comprehensive database.

As of now a lot of work is in progress, our Discord server alteration to support multiple sims has been complete, but our website is still relatively untouched. All sims are now hosted on the domain and we will begin moving the canon databse from the Antares Nova to the new UES Site.

While we have plans for our 24th Century Ship the UES Aquarius we are still far off from launching as we have to create new canon to accomidate it. If you want to join in please check out our Discord Server.