Community Rules Update

As required by our community rules this is notification that our community rules have been updated! To view our community rules on the UES Database please click here. In order to save you some time the following items were updated.

  • The rules were updated to fit the new community name of “United Earth Starfleet”.
  • It was clarified that the UES Community Rules applied to all sims that are part of UES.
  • Our activity rules were updated and clarified to include participation in Relay Station One.
    • Note: OOC Development participation was already included in membership activity responsibilities but it now specifically includes discord and RS1.
  • In order to better conform to the 22nd Fleet Style all references were changed from Game Master to Game Manager (including AGM references).
  • Character limits were updated to clarify that limits were imposed per sim and not UES wide.
  • Character limits were updated to clarify that MACO characters as well as mission-specific NPCs do not count toward character limits.
  • This is all I recall changing but it is suggested each member take a peak through the rules to refamiliarize themselves with them.