New Staff Structure, Help Wanted

Greetings! Some big news, as I’ve been promising, regarding the development of United Earth Starfleet. First of all I would like to thank all of the members of the Antares for holding on during our hiatus with the world being crazy. Beyond being a paramedic in a pandemic the unexpected hospitalization and major heart surgery certainly was not helpful to me in leading this group. Some time off to refresh and regain my creative spark has certainly been helpful though and you can see that it is has been paying off the last few days as I work to get UES launched as a “mini-fleet” type organization.

A New Command Structure

As part of our change of just being a single sim and moving to be United Earth Starfleet, of which Antares is a member sim, we will have a new staff configuration. Members of the staff of Antares have stepped up and will serve as part of our new UES level staff known as “Starfleet Command” as in character we are based on the entirety of the United Earth Starfleet we will follow a similar structure both in and out of character. Please note that why we will be assigning character rank and name to staff that this is strictly for a relationship to role and IC posts coming from the Starfleet Command Fiction that will be coming down the road. These positions were based on positions within the command structure of the United States Coast Guard and the United States Navy. That being said I would like to announce the following staff positions:

Chief of Starfleet Operations

This role will be held by me and I will be the functional commanding officer for United Earth Starfleet both in and out of character. As co-founder of the EagleVerse canon and the Game Master of the only two EagleVerse sims I will continue on in this capacity. For this my long time NPC Flag Officer, Admiral Seth Kern, will be my in character representative.

Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet

While I would have loved to have one of my oldest simming friends take on a bigger role in the organization time is a factor in everyone’s life. (Sucks growing up.) I have appointed Aaron (RedBird) as our Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet and he will be helping out as a community moderator, advisor to Starfleet Command, and hopefully help out with some of our social media work. Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet Olivia Alexander will be his in character representative for this role. He will continue to serve as an AGM on the Antares.

Commander, Forces Command

The Command of Forces Command will be taken on by Pat B an inaugural member of the Antares crew. Pat and I met through another sim and hit it off pretty quickly and I enjoy having his mind on my command team on Antares as an AGM and now on Starfleet Command. The Commander of Forces Command will be essentially our most senior Commanding Officer (Game Master) and will assist in supporting new COs, ensuring group policies are being followed, and everyone has the support they need to run a successful sim. His in character representative will be Rear Admiral Vasily Serdov. I would also like to announce that he will be our first new Commanding Officer of a United Earth Starfleet unit, more details when available.

Update: Unfortunately Pat has decided to withdrawal his interest in this position due to an exciting new career opportunity. Congrats to Pat!

Starfleet Historian

The Starfleet Historian is Kristen who is a co-founder of the EagleVerse canon. Kristen is currently not a writing member of the group but is still highly involved in helping to consult on and manage the canon she helped create for this organization. Kristen’s role may come up in character from time to time as Retired Vice Admiral Leah Hartley.

Help Wanted

As I mentioned we are looking for some help! We are currently looking to fill the position of Director of Public Affairs! The Director of Public Affairs will be a member of Starfleet Command that will report to the Chief of Starfleet Operations and eventually the Starfleet Chief of Staff (once appointed). This role will be mission-critical in establishing our Social Media Presence, Member Recruitment & Retention, Award System Management, and serving as our Community Manager. If you or anyone you know may be interested please contact me via Discord! Members interested in this role do not need to hold a command within the United Earth Starfleet. Sim membership is preferred.

In addition to a director of Public Affairs we are looking for members interested in taking part in a rules/policy work group to convert our current community rules into rules and policies that will be effective at the UES level for multiple member sims. If anyone is interested please contact me via Discord.

Discord Updates

Today I have started to implement the new Community Server options allowed by Discord. This will involve an update in our Discord server rules which will be announced when completed. It also involves the ability for other servers to follow our news articles and that includes, for us, NOVA posts as well from our sims.

We have also launched a help desk system for all members to request help with our website, report user issues, moderation complaints, or whatever you feel the need to contact Starfleet Command regarding. These tickets are confidential and only accessible to the member who creates it and Starfleet Command. These tickets also have additional availability for NOVA support for our future Commanding Officers and other administrative actions.


We have appointed staff at the United Earth Starfleet level that will involve primarily out of character duties but also involve some in-character writing. We are asking anyone interested in serving as Director of Public Affairs please let me know. We are also looking for members of UES to serve as part of a rules/policy workgroup! You can contact me directly on Discord for these matters. We have a new sim that will be launching under the command of Pat B. We also have updated our Discord server with new community functions and a help desk ticket system for member and CO support.

Thank you all for your time,

Stephen aka;

Admiral Seth Kern
Chief of Starfleet Operations