John H. Glenn Pioneer Award


In Memory of John H. Glenn (18 JUL 1921 – 8 DEC 2016) this award has been created to signify a pioneering moment in United Earth history by members of the crew. This award shall be awarded by Starfleet Command to the entire crew of a unit on a mission that is pioneering in nature. These events could be a first contact, discovering new organisms, or a major scientific discovery reached only because of the efforts of the crew.

John H. Glenn was a pioneering NASA Astronaut, United States Senator, and a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps. Colonel Glenn was highly decorated with many military honors including the Congressional Space Medal of Honor for which this award has been imaged after. COL Glenn was a veteran of the Korean War and also served in the US Army Air Corps. during World War II.

This award shall be awarded by Starfleet Command by the nomination of the Unit’s Commanding Officer, Starfleet Command, or a member of the Canon Council.