Chief of Staff

Are you looking to expand your skills while supporting a growing organization? United Earth Starfleet, a Star Trek Collaborative Writing Group, is looking for a Chief of Staff. This position is for those that like to manage, coordinate, and support other director-level roles.

United Earth Starfleet takes place in an Alternate Universe in the year 2160 where the Federation was not formed. Earth’s relationship with the Vulcans took a serious downturn when the Vulcan High Command requested that the Warp 5 Program should be terminated and Earth, deciding to defy the advice of Vulcan. With the Vulcans no longer involved, this left an opening for the Andorians and Vissians to partner with Earth and guide them in their exploration of the galaxy.


• Serves as the de facto Second in Command of United Earth Starfleet
• Responsible for coordinating all members of the fleet staff
• Is responsible for filling all vacancies within the Fleet Staff or coordinating coverage of their duties.

Anyone interested in applying for this role should contact Stephen#0373 on discord or via our contact form.