NCO Ratings

Enlisted ranks are much different from those of Commissioned Officers and are made up of two separate parts. The first part is the rating or basically, the job that the NCO specializes in the second part is the grade or “rank”. For instance, a Petty Officer First Class who is a Boatswain Mate would be a “BM1”. Rates are how enlisted personnel are assigned their billets and on some smaller units personnel are expected to perform some duties of ratings close to their own.


  • Diplomatic Aide (DM) – responsible for assisting in dealing with non-Federation parties to diplomatic functions. They can be assigned to liaison between crew and VIPs being transported. When a DC is not completing a diplomatic mission they can be assigned to fulfill other roles aboard ship based on their qualifications.
  • Food Service Specialist (FS) – The Food Service Specialist (FS) is responsible for preparing all meals for their unit, the management and cleanliness of all food service facilities, and morale and welfare spaces. The FS are trained at Starfleet’s Food Service Specialist A-School or on the job as non-rates.
  • Legalman (LN) are assigned to various JAG Corps units throughout Starfleet and provided paralegal services to unit commands, individual personnel, and serve as needed as trial aids and court clerks.
  • Public Affairs Specialist (PA) – responsible for providing information to the press and coordinating all public events for Starfleet. They are responsible for also keeping up morale in their units, providing internal publications (unit newsletters, etc), and various other functions. Public Affairs Specialists work hand-in-hand with the unit commander to ensure a positive and correct message is generated for the unit and Starfleet as a whole.
  • A Storekeeper (SK) is the master of logistics at a unit from helping to manage anything from counting parts, industrial replication, keep track of berthings, and other logistical needs.
  • Yeoman (YN) are probably the best friend a member of Starfleet could possibly have. Thought mostly as secretaries their actual duties are normally quite understated. Yeomans serve as administrative assistants, coordinate travel, assist in personnel matters, and serve as career counselors to those aboard their units. Not only do they provide those services but they are responsible for submitting all reports on behalf of the unit, sorting through communications, and coordinating with keeping the ship up to date with the latest from command.


  • Aerospace Engineering Specialist (AE) – responsible for maintenance of auxiliary craft attached to a unit such as shuttles, runabouts, etc.
  • Damage Controlman (DC) – responsible for emergency maintenance of a ship or specialized unit outside of engineering spaces. They are also responsible for training of all members of the crew to handle engineering casualties in case of an emergency.
  • Electricians Mate (EM) – responsible for managing all power distribution services, equipment, and computer systems related to them.
  • Machinery Technician (MK) – the title a holdover from years past a Machinery Technician is responsible for all engineering aspects at a unit. They generally deal with non-propulsion systems however they receive extra training and can serve in any engineering division.
  • Propulsion Specialist (PS) – responsible for maintenance and operation of all propulsion generating engineering systems. If there are Warp Theory Specialists available however they generally focus on non-Warp or Impulse drives.
  • Transporter Specialist (TS) – Responsible for not only the operation of but also the repair of the transporter systems aboard units they are assigned to. Can also assist with other divisions as necessary.
  • Warp Theory Specialist (WT) – generally only found at large units these enlisted personnel are highly trained in Warp Theory and control of warp cores. They are normally found actually performing re-fueling, upgrades, and installation/removal at starbases but some larger ships take them underway. These specialists will only be detailed to a Warp Core and have little to no official training in other types of propulsion.


  • Boatswains Mate (BM) – the masters of all things aboard ship the Boatswains mate can be found assisting in almost any type of ship board operation. They are masters of navigation, controlling the helm, and training other members of the crew to perform those duties.
  • Computer Systems Specialist (CS) – responsible for maintenance and repair of the main computer core of the vessel and other computer systems as necessary.
  • Cryptology Specialist (CT) – responsible for all shipboard communications systems, language recognition, and breaking encryption codes from external signals.
  • Electronics Technician (ET) – responsible for maintaining all fire control and related systems such as the sensors.
  • Gunners Mate (GM) – from maintaining the armory and small weapons inside to controlling the inventory of shipboard ordinance and standing watch on a bridge tactical station the GMs aboard units have multi-faceted duties that are critical to operational success and safety of a unit.
  • Intelligence Specialist (IS) – An intelligence specialist has received special training in collecting, analyzing, and controlling systems designed for all of the various types of intelligence equipment at a unit such as monitoring communications, personnel intelligence, or various sensor systems.
  • Master-at-Arms (MA) – the MAs in Starfleet makeup the police force for the agency and are responsible for all security operations, diplomatic security, VIP security, and investigations involving any Starfleet property, facilities, or personnel.
  • Operations Specialist (OS) – while trained and tasked primarily with operating sensor systems an OS is responsible for coordinating with all other ratings aboard a unit. They are able to fulfill all watch standing operations from Tactical, Operations, Engineering, Communications, and more.


  • Health Service Technician (HS) better known as Corpsmanare responsible for providing primary and emergency medical care to all those aboard their units and civilians during an emergency situation. Corpsman are trained to provide basic to advanced care including minor surgeries, diagnostic testing, and preventive medicine. An HS, especially on a small unit, may serve independently or hold multiple duties including clerical and training duties.
  • Stellar Cartography Specialist (SC) – responsible for keeping all star charts, federation databases, and navigational information correct and up to date.
  • Science Technician (ST) – responsible for assisting with all experiments aboard unit scientific facilities. An ST could be detailed with monitoring, conducting, or designing controlled experiments. They are often part of away missions and can also be responsible for programming remote sensors and probes.