Important Canon Notes

This is a quick list of things to note that are different in our EagleVerse canon versus traditional Star Trek settings.

  • Starfleet is the military.
  • Starfleet members wear appropriate covers (hats/headgear) when in uniform the cover for our duty uniforms is a baseball cap. Covers must be worn at all times on the bridge, while underarms, and in “outdoor” situations. Covers should not be worn inside an office, mess, sickbay, or quarters.
  • Decks are lettered “A Deck, B Deck” etc. Only classes with more than 26 decks will use a numbered system.

For more information about these items please check out our database. Some of these items may not yet be available as they’re being developed by the members and staff. If you have any questions please check with a member on Discord.