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UES Community Goals Announced

Posted on 14 Mar 2021 @ 3:13pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng.

Members of Starfleet Command have decided that in order to help involve our community in development of the organization and our canon that it would be helpful for our members to know what our plans are. After a discussion of command members we have create a page on the website that lists all of our major development goals for the next year which will be updated each month by Starfleet Command beginning in May 2021. We have decided for simplicity sake to include the rest of March into the goals for April of this year to give us a bit of a head start as we begin to follow our new plan.

These goals include things like official specifications for our NX-Type vessels, the two variants, and for Apollo Base. It also includes plans for expansion to other units to allow for more exciting writing opportunities as well as reviewing and revamping our existing time line to have more content and feel less like a list.

We have some big goals for the year and we are looking for all members at levels who are interested in participating and contributing even to a single idea or database article to please let a member of Starfleet Command know of their interest or visit the #development channel on the discord and start a discussion.

To view our new list of goals please click here or check the Our Community drop-down on the main menu on the UES website.


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