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A Little Redirection

Posted on 27 Apr 2021 @ 1:20pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng.
Edited on 28 Apr 2021 @ 12:04am

I began work on the EagleVerse canon that UES follows over seven years ago as a proposal for a sim that I never presented to the fleet I had intended it to be a part of. I began working on the canon again about a year later and got who I consider my co-founder, Kristen, onboard and we developed out our complete timeline. I’ve always dreamed on having a small group of multiple sims that would eventually fully develop this canon. And there have been multiple versions of the Eagle (NX-12) sim that started us off that ran successfully for two years before closing down due to real-life commitments between myself and Kristen where we couldn’t give Eagle the time she deserved. After some time away we began working on revamping the sim and updated the timeline a bit more to its current version but she couldn’t rejoin and so I began Antares (NX-11) as the replacement sim which has been up and running (with some difficulties thanks to COVID) but is still active and now moving forward once again. Which led to United Earth Starfleet….

Unfortunately, I have a little problem with boredom and it leads me to do crazy things. I decided that while I was sitting at home and out of work (going on six months now) recovering from major heart surgery now was the time to move forward with making UES larger. I began working on a new website and I began recruiting more staff and preparing to expand into multiple sims which honestly didn’t work well. My focus on how we operated detracted from telling a story…. and the staff I recruited failed to fulfill their duties and were removed or resigned.

I attempted to recruit for two new sims the Falcon (NX-08) and Apollo Base (FOB-1) with the Commanding Officer of Falcon and the Executive Officer of Apollo Base being removed for inactivity. The only other crew member who responded with interest in joining Falcon now no longer had a sim with a CO to join. It wasn’t going well… and my focus again fell away from the story…. so what to do?

Currently, we are working on moving our current database onto a new wiki that will be themed to match the current Antares nova. The Antares nova will be moved to the main domain of UES and the UES website closed down. The Antares nova will be turned into the United Earth Starfleet website and the Antares will be the main focus of UES. The opportunity to take part in Apollo Base or Falcon or even Starfleet Command as an NPC will still be there and those units will be still coming up in character on the UES storyline and the nova! Making it easier for members to participate wherever they’d like.

So, to recap! We are still going strong with a bit of a redirection coming to make our story our priority and to help everyone participate easily in any capacity that they would like. We will not be moving our websites around until our new database is prepared though you’ll see some changes on the nova and discord in the meantime. We plan on having our new database ready to go by June 1st.

Game Manager
United Earth Starfleet


Admiral Seth Kern
Chief of Starfleet Operations

Captain Annett Matthews
Commander, Antares (NX-11)


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