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United Earth/Antares Website

Posted on 28 Apr 2021 @ 9:43pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng.

As already announced we are going through some redirection to return to focusing on a good story instead of expansion. We will be adding elements from Apollo Base, Starfleet Command, and other ships within the UES as time goes on. We will be writing all from this central nova which now makes up our main website.

The website for UES and the Antares nova is now located at and everyone needs to update their bookmarks. The WordPress website has been disabled and we are now hosting our database on a new wiki located at

Anyone who notices any issues with the website or database such as bugs please create a support ticket from #welcome in the Discord server to notify Starfleet Command and we can properly track and deal with any issues. Please note the website is still a giant work in progress as we change content to reflect the entire UES and not just Antares on the website. A new wiki theme will be coming in the future as well but for now the default will do.

Any issues or questions please contact a member of Starfleet Command on discord or open a ticket as mentioned above.


ADM Seth Kern
Chief of Starfleet Operations


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