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Monthly Repot – May 2021

Posted on 03 May 2021 @ 1:11pm by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng.
Edited on 03 May 2021 @ 1:12pm

Greetings UES! It's hard to believe that I'm sitting here (three days late) working on the monthly report I feel as if I had just posted the last one days ago. But we had a lot happen in April and so here is a little review:

We had a major change in direction in how to handle the future of our community at and at the end of the day what we found most important. We had begun transitioning our sim into a small fleet-like organization but in the end, it just wasn't capturing the momentum that any of us who were in on the main project was hoping for. So after some reflection and realizing that we 4000% wanted quality over quantity decided to refoucs.

So as announced we will be moving forward with our organization focusing on the fantastic story of United Earth Starfleet using our unique timeline. After the current mission, the story will redirect on Antares from the Deep Space Rescue focus to the main UES Timeline and developing further canon. Other Starfleet units and stories developed already or for the future of our canon will take place on the main UES nova in addition to Antares now. Don't worry I have a plan on how to approach all of that in character and won't ruin the surprise so hang tight as we go through this mission.

Back mid-March we launched a new community goals page which as been included on the new database located here. It was updated this morning with all of our new priorities and the like as we progress through our redirection and continue to develop our great community and canon.

This past month we completed quite a few goals before the redirection which included:

• Revamping our Community Rules
• Establishing a membership database to track awards, special promotions/assignments, etc.
• We recruited a Chief of Staff who will assume their duties later in the summer.
• And we also established a Mission Support team whose current focus is the official NX-Type specs and then will continue to work on developing our new database.

You can read our updated Community Goals by clicking here. These goals include the past due goal of establishing our official NX-Type specifications, some new recurring goals, and our continued needs in moving forward with developing our community.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns please reach out to a member of Starfleet Command via Discord.

Hope all is well, and thank you to our fantastic members for all of you do.



Admiral Seth Kern
Chief of Starfleet Operations
United Earth Starfleet

Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng.
Commanding Officer
Antares (NX-11)


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