Warrant Officer 1 Cirice Craven

Name Cirice Craven

Position Communications Officer

Rank Warrant Officer 1


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01 May 2021 @ 11:43am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human-Boomer
Age 30+

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 2"
Weight 115LB
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Slim and wiry build. Goes barefaced on duty, wears stylized skull makeup when off duty. Generally wears her hair pulled up at all times. Majority of her body is covered in tiny rune/sigil style tatoos.


Spouse None Yet
Children None Yet
Father Erasmus Craven V
Mother Meliora Craven
Brother(s) Damien, Alastor (Identical Twins), Raymundo (Fraternal twin w/Cirice)
Sister(s) None
Important Relationships/Other Family A small army of cousins, aunts and uncles both blood related and honorary.

Paternal Grandpa: Erasmus Craven IV
Paternal Grandma: Livvy Craven nee Scarabus

Paternal Great-Grandpa: Erasmus Craven III

Maternal Grandpa: Ivor Scarabus
Maternal Grandma: Helena Scarabus

Everyone in the D'ark & Nightshade Midnight Carnivale

Pet/Sidekick: Moose-kah, the fishing cat

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outgoing and a bit of a ham. Fairly chatty and a staunch team player. Knows how to throw a good party. Does like to do impromptu solo music performances in the mess hall when off duty. Tries to be hyperobservant to be a good host. Does smoke tanna leaf/tannis root blend cigarettes.

She does not know how to swim.
Ambitions To see and experience as much as possible before returning home and settling down. Also wants to learn how to ask the big three questions in any language (Hi, what's your name?, I'll have the green salad., and Where's the bathroom?)
Hobbies & Interests Cooking (does know the secret recipe for the famed Carnivale kettle corn), acrobatics/gymnastics, music (plays guitar, drums, flute), dancing, juggling, firebreathing, sleight of hand, pyrotechnics/fireworks, collecting new stories/myths/legends, parkour, large goatback riding. Working on vocal mimicry.

Personal History For generations the Craven family has been in the entertainment field whether it's party/event planning to being center stage, so branching into the circus/carnival end of things was only natural.

Cirice pretty much was a standard jack of all trades at the Carnivale, learning a little of this and a little of that. A typical day could easily be working concessions-spinning cotton candy with flair and making a couple batches of kettle corn, then shift to taking care of the animal performers, then performing on the high wire with the nightly clean up to wrap up the day.

While she enjoys the life, she wondered about what else was out there since after a point, one wants something new to stare at even with all the flash of the circus. Cirice ended up chatting at length with a Starfleet officer, and while it was more restrictive than the freewheeling circus life, she wanted to give it a go.

For the most part, her family was okay with her choice.

Her brothers, however, did not take it well at all. In their opinion, it just wasn't safe away from the Carnivale, and there's weirdos out there. After promising multiple times that she'd come home in a heartbeat if anything didn't seem right, she headed off to enlist.

While she could've enlisted in Starfleet Academy, she chose the Boot Camp for Non-Commissioned officers. The latter was more accepting of her unconventional education. Other than a couple bumps the first week (No smoking in the barracks, no pets in the barracks), her record reflects a fine, dependable recruit with some off duty eccentricities.

Her postings were pretty much uneventful. Cirice proved herself a steady and reliable crewman with some leadership potential. There was some behind closed doors quibbling when the discussion of assigning her to starship duty came up. While she was more than ready for the challenge, Command didn't want to lose her. Whether it was from losing a capable crewman, the kettle corn she'd leave in the breakroom for everyone, or a combination of both will probably never be known.

Cirice looks forward to see what her new posting will bring.
Service Record 2148-2148 Basic Training
2148-2149 A School- Cryptology tech
2149-2152 PO3 Starfleet Command- Cryptologist
2152-2154 PO2 Starbase 001- Communications Specialist
2154-2156 PO1 Starfleet Command- Senior Cryptologist
2156-2158 WO1 Warrant Officer Training- Communications
2158-2160 WO1 Starfleet Command
2160- WO1 NX-11 Antares- Communications