Colonel Kehlan ch’ Bari

Name Kehlan ch’ Bari MD

Position Senior Medical Officer

Rank Colonel


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07 May 2021 @ 11:25am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6’3”
Weight 210 LBS
Hair Color White


Father Zharath (Thavan) and Kilip (Charan)
Mother Pava (Zhavey) and Avaran (Shreya)
Brother(s) Theyle
Sister(s) Pavaran

Personality & Traits

Personal History Born in Lor’Tan City. Kehlan grew up surrounded by family in the Neshilev Housing Projects . A low income area. He was raised mostly by his zhavey (Pava) while his thavan (Zharath) worked as a cook,his charan(Kilip) was enlisted in the Imperial Guard. His shreya (Avaran) left when Kehlan was born.

Kehlan was the youngest of three children. He was thankful to have companionship while growing up in the projects.

Watching his charan serve Andoria was a huge inspiration to Kehlan. It made him realize that he wanted to help people. He spent endless days playing ‘field Doctor’ with his siblings.

At age 17, Kehlan applied to do Pre-Med studies at the Therin University. The financial situation was a precarious one. His parents worked hard to help him the best they could, but ultimately Kehlan had to get a job to help support himself through school. He worked his ass off waiting tables at an Andorian Sushi restaurant while he completed his doctorate, before transferring to the Imperial Andorian Academy to join the Imperial Guard.

His years at the Academy were most rewarding. Despite the workload being heavy, Kehlan loved the lessons to further broaden his Medical Studies, and his core Guard classes. He excelled in his studies, and received commendations from a few of his instructors.

Just as he was coming up on his graduation from the Andorian Academy, he received word that his charan was killed during a routine exercise. Kehlan raced home to be by his family's side.

Following the death of his charan, and his graduation with commission to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant , Kehlan was assigned to the IAS Delar for his medical residency. It was here that he decided to take a second specialty in Psychiatry. He completed three years aboard the Delar, studying concurrently, before being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

With his promotion, Kehlan accepted a transfer to the IAS Shilev, where he would serve as Deputy Medical Officer. After Four years on deep space assignment , Kehlan was transferred to Andorian Space Central in orbit of Andoria.

Aboard ASC, Kehlan served as Deputy Medical Officer and headed the Psychiatric Department. He worked closely with his section head, helping to turn the department into a well oiled machine. After some discussions with the Andorian Government,and United Earth, Kehlan and his colleague proposed a Medical Exchange Program. The program offered him the opportunities to work with Doctors from many different cultures on Earth.

Excited by all of the prospects his new experiences presented to him, Kehlan requested exchange to an Earth Vessel. The opportunity to serve as a cultural representative, while also practicing medicine was beyond his dreams.