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Prep Work

Posted on 02 Apr 2021 @ 9:18am by Lieutenant Commander Josiah Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Natsumi Messala & Colonel Kehlan ch’ Bari MD & Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Sharque

Mission: A Miner Problem
Location: Multi-Purpose Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1600

Teams were already at work preparing the space to accommodate some auxiliary medical services. The Andorain Colonel surveyed the work with a sharp eye for detail.

"If we reduce the space between these rows of beds," Kehlan indicated on his large PADD schematic. "We can free up space for an additional triage area."

"Are you sure that won't be too tight between each of these beds?" Josiah had been working with the Operations and Medical teams for the last few minutes with the preparations. The Andorian's schematics were not something he was used to. Starfleet vessels were known for their use of compact space, and these schematics now seemed to rival that.

Colonel ch'Bari nodded. "It should be more than sufficient space." He tucked the PADD away under his arm.

From across the large deck a crashing noise was heard as a large crate toppled off a pallet being moved by a crew from the Support Department.

"Will you watch what you're doing!" David shouted, sounding annoyed. "Doc! Is there anything fragile in 302?" Sharque called across the deck as he shook his head at one of the SKs and started in the doctor's direction.

Kehlan set his large PADD aside and produced a much smaller one from his pocket as he approached Sharque. "A Blood Analysis Unit. " He sighed. "If it's damaged, I'll have another brought out of storage."

He turned back toward the group that had it reloaded and moving into place, "Sounds temperamental, let's get that tested as soon as possible, sir, this way we can get the other if needed." David was annoyed and made the mental note to check and see how much one of those units cost and how much of a budget problem for the unit it could be.

The Andorian man nodded and move towards case 302. He was silently cursing the mishandling of his equipment, as he opened the container to investigate.

"Commander Hawkins, sir," David said, moving toward the Engineer. "Anything you guys need my crew to bring up, without damaging," he added, with a smirk.

"We'll need another round of cots," Josiah said, looking once more at the schematics he'd been given. "Probably a good dozen or so. Then we're going to need to put up some partitions around ten of the beds to start cordoning off an area for the most injured. Do we have anything we can use for sterilization?"

"Cots and tents we have right in the storage on this deck we will get them moving as for sterilization that's the Colonel's thing. If he knows what container the gear is in we can crack that out next," he said.

"Container's 200 to 205." Kehlan said without looking up at the men. "There are two sizes of instrument Sterilization units and handheld sterilizers as well."

Six containers, thought Josiah. He looked up from the map to check the visual placement throughout the room. It was definitely going to get crowded throughout this section fast. "What about decontamination?" he asked the Colonel. "Our existing facility is definitely not large enough to process large amounts of people should it be needed. I could rig a side room or two to act as temporary chambers, but they won't be nearly as effective as the one attached to the launch bay."

The Colonel nodded. "That would be fantastic, if you can manage it."

"I'm sure we can manage it," Josiah confirmed. "I'll have to pull out all of our spare UV generators and backup gear, but I should be able to fashion at least one of these rooms."

"If you need hands let me know," he said. "I'm sure Ops can spare some non-rates as well."

David pulled his communicator out of his pocket and flipped it open, "Sharque to Commander Messala any non-rate who isn't busy or not doing anything important as well as anyone else we can use down on the H Deck."

Messala raised an eyebrow when she heard it but answered anyway "There's a few non-rates that aren't too busy, I'm sending them now to the H Deck. If you want my help, I can head down - most of what I'm doing right now is done anyway."

"The more the merrier, sir," Dave responded.

Josiah, meanwhile, approached one of the side rooms and opened it up. He still wasn't intimately familiar with the Antares, but he could do miracles as long as the resources were there. He visually inventoried the air vents, as well as any opportunities for egress. Thankfully, there weren't many.

The engineer then pulled out his padd and accessed the ship's schematics, looking for any power conduits or life support systems that passed through the area. The last thing he wanted was for someone in decon to get bored and try and tear the room apart, negatively impacting the ship at the same time.

It took a few minutes of reviewing schematics and pointing out a few key points to a junior engineer before Josiah finally declared that the room could indeed be converted. It would not be as effective as the decon chamber attached to the shuttlebay, but as with all things in a crisis, it would do.

"Yep," Josiah remarked, putting his display device to sleep. "It'll do, indeed."


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