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Busy Signal

Posted on 01 Apr 2021 @ 9:40am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Lieutenant Dante Jones & Warrant Officer 1 Cirice Craven

Mission: A Miner Problem
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1400

"Officer of the Deck report," Annett said, as she walked back onto the bridge with the senior staff having been briefed.

"En route to Terra Nova B at full warp," Dante reeled off in a functional tone., his face serious and focused as he turned to face the Captain. "ETA in 43.2 hours. No other incoming comms. All's well." He couldn't help wondering if the senior staff meeting had enjoyed coffees and snacks.

"Very good, continue with best possible speed," Annett ordered. As she crossed over the bridge to where the Communications Officer was working diligently. "Any progress?" she asked.

"Some and going.", Cirice said as she pulled up the relay data, "I've pulled all I can and everything's normal shift messages up until yesterday. That's where there's a relay drop noted here...and here". She pointed to the two time-coded drops on her screen. "Looks like they ruled it a maintenance issue since there's the standard work order request here.", Cirice continued though her tone conveyed she didn't feel 100% that it was.

A few more taps and she brought up the last communication before the distress. It was a mundane enough report on shift change that dropped out mid-communique.

"But if the Terra Novan colony can still communicate with us why would it prevent the mining colony from doing so?" Annett asked, confused.

"Likely something user end.", Cirice speculated, "For example, if I'm not here, scans will show the technology's fine for communication, but there's no warm body to work the console." She paused for a moment to roll around other options, "Could also be something from the mining colony's end. I don't know what they're fully mining but it's possible there could be some energy from minerals that could be interfering that we're not aware of."

"Or a disaster occurred at the mining colony," Annett confirmed, which is what she was afraid of. "Can we attempt to make contact with the Novans and see if we get a response? Starfleet Command hasn't been able to get anything more from them but perhaps we'll have a friendlier touch?" The history with the Terra Novans and the Earth Government was not good.

"It won't hurt to try, Captain.", Cirice said as she sent a general hail message to the Novans. If they responded, she'd do the general ask for regional news. It was a common enough thing for freighters and her home carnival to do as they were heading towards a system.

"Keep me apprised of any updates," she ordered. "Mr. Jones continue on present course with best speed. If there are any developments let me know," she ordered, as she walked toward her office.


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