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Never Eyeball It

Posted on 26 Apr 2021 @ 10:22am by Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Sharque & Chief Petty Officer Brianna Traynor

Mission: A Miner Problem
Location: Chief's Mess
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1145

Still getting used to having her own quarters, Brianna headed out to get coffee, she had received in a package from her uncle her own "chiefs mug" which would take its place among the collection. But right now it held coffee as she was reading over the results of the latest torpedo drills, the simulation had some interesting results, she paused then sighed.

They definitely had some remedial training in their future.

David had just entered the Chief's Mess and was checking on some of the supply levels. He had also decided that he would be taking his lunch with the chiefs today. Although it didn't seem like the first lunch sitting was going to be a popular choice today with the ship preparing for a very likely rescue mission.

As a Chief Warrant Officer who previously had been a Chief Petty Officer, he was granted the special permission to be allowed in both the Officer's and Chief's mess. He decided he wanted more company and would eat in the crew's mess after checking in with the main kitchen when he walked out the door he saw the newest Chief on Antares.

"Chief Traynor, how are you?" he asked, stopping before the door into the mess.

"I'm well Mr. Sharque and yourself?" she responded. They headed through the door and over to get food and more caffeine.

"Fine," he said, "what's on your mind, Chief?" he asked, following her back inside. It was a sixth sense you picked up working in food services and just on behalf of the people for all those years.

She paused and looked at him, "Just the ability of lower ranks to still manage to amuse me, after so many years." She paused, "Some striking crewmember, managed to eyeball a photon torpedo during a tactical sim."

"Eyeball?" he asked, not sure what she meant.

She smiled slightly, "Basically running a training scenario in the armory bay, rather then use the computer to verify a target he just estimated based on a visual estimate. Basically I'm going to have to correct the young man rather firmly." She had a reputation as a fearsome drill instructor, "You should never eyeball projectile weapons in space."

"I would think that outside of the obvious dangers it would present that it also would provide no tactical advantage either," Sharque surmised.

"If I ever figure out what he was thinking the doc can section me." She shrugged, "But I will find out what his thought process is and correct it."

"Well this is why we have drills and chiefs," Dave said, pointedly.

"No argument there, just general bitching but the crewman in question will be corrected."

"And that's what the Chief's mess is for," Dave said, with a smirk. "I know you were a first-class and you feel like the boss but being a Chief is a whole new thing, isn't it?"

"It definitely is, and I thought leading boots was tough." She responded, "It's all a learning experience. Just gotta find my style."

"I think you'll do just fine, Chief," he said. "People knock those of us who choose to go into the Food Services or Store Keeping trades but without us you don't have food, supplies, or a unit that can do anything. To say nothing of we specialize in the needs of our people. I have a sixth sense about these things," he smirked. "Qualification to become a C-W-O."

"Good skill to have." She shrugged, "My uncle always used to say, never knock food services. Food is serious business." She explained, "He retired as a master chief."

"It's true," he agreed. "And I'm not just saying that because I'm the man in charge of it. Imagine having to work the next two shifts without a meal."

She theatrically shuddered, "I would pity anyone I dealt with that day."

"Exactly," he said, pointedly.


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