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Fire in the Galley!

Posted on 01 May 2021 @ 11:43am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Sharque & Command Master Chief Spencer Barrentine & Lieutenant Commander Natsumi Messala & Lieutenant Commander Josiah Hawkins & Chief Petty Officer Brianna Traynor & Warrant Officer 1 Cirice Craven & Colonel Kehlan ch’ Bari MD & Lieutenant Dante Jones

Mission: A Miner Problem
Location: Main Kitchen
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 0630

It was early breakfast's first sitting was just being finished up by the Food Service staff while others prepared for the arrival of the ship in the Terra Novan system which was expected to happen around 11:00, giving the crew just about four and a half hours to get a meal in and make preparations for rescue operations. The ship being outfitted for rescue operations was the easy part as Captain Matthews had discovered touring the configurable H Deck with her Senior Medical Officer, Engineer, Operations Officer, and trusty Command Master Chief. The problem was they essentially had no extra staffing for the operations than any other NX-Type vessel something she still needed to convince Starfleet of.

"Great work gentleman," she announced, as they reached the near end. The group had met for a small working meeting on H Deck at the top of the hour. "I know this morning is a bit earlier than we or at least I would prefer but I figure a good breakfast is in order as we finish our transit," Annett said. While she could see why others might think it was callous to think of that but it might be the last good easy meal the crew might see for a while. Besides maximum warp was maximum warp they'd get there no sooner than their engines would allow.

"How are the engines holding up having been at max over the last few days?" Annett asked, knowing the answer as she couldn't keep her engineering side from peaking at all the gauges.

"Not going to lie, Captain," Josiah began, knowing immediately he had no way to fool the woman. "They're certainly showing signs of stress. While we orbit the mining colony, I'm going to have to have our drive specialists purge the injectors and flush the coolant. We're going to have to run some full diagnostics too."

"If there are enough personnel to spare we will get that done during the rescue operation but we may have to wait until after reinforcements arrive," Annett said. "Not that I'm against multitasking."

Meanwhile... in the main kitchen the Support Officer, CWO3 Sharque, was surveying his kingdom. "Looking good there Hanson," he said, complementing the fruit salad work and speed of one of their newest FS3s aboard. He continued to pass through the kitchen and out into the crew's mess as some of the stewards were spot cleaning tables used before they got to work this morning and preparing to open the doors to the crew for the first meal setting when he heard the explosion followed by alarms.

"Someone get the kill switch!" he bellowed, as he ran to the closet panel in the mess and slammed the alarm button.

On the bridge, the Officer of the Deck, a Lieutenant Junior Grade from Engineering hear the beeping coming from multiple consoles on the bridge at once and swallowed. He had not been on the OOD schedule and had just been qualified at the end of their last mission this was his first solo shift filling in for the senior staff who were all busy preparing for the mission and had been fully expected to be relieved from his OOD position prior to their arriving.

"Sir!" someone at an engineering station announced, "fire in the main kitchen."

"Is it confirmed?" he asked, cautiously not wanting to wake the ship on a somewhat altered working schedule this morning to allow a bit of extra rest before the big mission.

"Yes sir, someone triggered a manual alarm," the watchstander announced.

"Chief of the watch sound general quarters, damage control teams report to the main kitchen!" he ordered, shouting accidentally in excitement and terror at having to be in command at the moment.

"Fire in the main kitchen, fire in the main kitchen, damage control teams report to the crew's mess." A calm voice of a Chief Petty Officer boomed throughout the ship's speakers automatically at their loudest settings before the general alarm followed.

Annett turned and looked at her Engineer and then her Command Master Chief, "Mr. Hawkins take command of the damage control efforts. Doc you know what to do, Master Chief and I are going back to the bridge," she ordered.

Josiah sighed. Of all of the crises he could anticipate on the eve of a mission like this, a fire in the galley was not one of them. "On it, Captain," he confirmed just before rushing to the exit of the multipurpose deck.

Spencer looked around as the other officers dispersed. He was trying to rack his brain if they had set a training drill and he forgot about it. However, he didn't believe so. "Captain," he said motioning toward the doorway and joining her on the way to the bridge.

The voice, then the alarm got Brianna up and moving, her assignment was being in charge of one of the secondary medical/triage teams, part of weapons was combat first aid, rapid treatment and stabilization, so her team went to one of the cargo bays to handle overflow. At least that was the intial plan, not that she minded the change, and they were sent to assist where needed in damage control, so she went straight to the crews mess to offer assistance as needed.

"Gangway!" Josiah shouted. The turbo-lift ride from H to C may have been short, not to mention the extra few seconds it took to grab an emergency tool kit from the damage control locker on the way. The early hour still meant that much of the crew was still not yet on duty, but that didn't stop a line from forming outside the mess.

The path through the hungry crew appeared, and Josiah soon rushed into the mess and then the kitchen. Two damage control specialists were already on site, having been present outside the mess at the time of the incident, and were working quickly to extinguish the flames, which were now nothing bigger than what would be on a candle. "Report!" he called out as he started to survey what damage he could see under the fire suppression foam.

"Not sure what happened," he said. "I have multiple people going to sickbay with smoke inhalation and flash burns..." he sighed. "The FSC got it the worst he was working at the station that went off," he coughed. "Kill switch didn't trip until the second activation attempt.. but there was a secondary explosion between."

"Secondary explosion?" Josiah parroted, seeing the last of the flames extinguished by the first responders. His eyes quickly scanned the room, noting that the fire control teams had already disabled the main power shunt. He entered the kitchen, looking closer at the pile of foam and charred metal. "Looks like an EPS overload," he remarked. "Doesn't make much sense, seeing how the kitchen doesn't pull enough power to cause that kind of overload."

"It could have been the cooking station itself," Dave pointed out.

"I've never seen a cooking station draw that much power," Josiah remarked. "Maybe something happened to the EPS tap it was attached to. Some sort of congestion that clogged the relay and feed, perhaps."

"No idea, sir," Dave said, coughing again.

Josiah looked at CWO3 Sharque. The kitchen was still a bit hazy from the smoke and fire suppression. While the ventilation system was sucking it all out, there were members of the staff who needed treatment. "Get to sickbay, Mister. We'll take the rest of it from here. Someone better let the crew know there won't be any short orders today."

“Like hell sir, I’ll be fine once the smoke clears... my people are hurt they go first,” he said, flatly. “Speaking of where the hell are the stretcher bearers and the Corpsman?” he demanded.

As if summoned by his words and with medkit in hand, Kehlan and a pair of Starfleet meds ran up to Sharque and Josiah. “Wounded?” The Andorian asked quickly, looking for some direction in the situation.

“There are many wounded,” he said. “They’ve been pulled back into the mess and my non-wounded people are treating them as best as we can. We need you and the Corpsman to look after them, Doc.”

Without really acknowledging all that was said, Kehlan gestured towards the mess with a nod of his head and led the way in. The doctor began with a visual triage. It appeared to be mostly burns and smoke inhalation. "Is Sergeant Ewing here already?" He called to Sharque as he scanned the room for the MACO Medical Sergeant.

“I haven’t noticed any MACOs,” Sharque coughed. “Excuse me, I’d like to check on my people.”

Josiah waved the Warrant Officer off, excusing him accordingly. He stepped further into the room, heading straight for the damaged appliance. The Engineering Officer grabbed the side of the unit, which was neither hot nor damaged from the explosion, and pulled back, in order to move the unit away from the wall.

Once moved, the blowout could be seen in all its glory. The bulkhead had indeed ruptured, right above the EPS tap. "It's definitely an EPS blowout," he remarked, gazing inside the hole.

"I'll let the Electricians know sir," a non-rate from the engineering department behind him said. "And Ops so they can do system checks?" he suggested.

Josiah nodded his head, both confirming and authorizing the instructions. "Have the electricians sweep the surrounding sections just to verify that this is an isolated incident. If a stove pulled too much power, we need to make sure nothing else will."

Kehlan knelt next to a crewman with burns on his face and torso. Pulling a dermal regenerator from his Starfleet medkit, the Andorian set to work treating the burns.

Natsumi had been heading to the mess to help out, but she got an alert before she could get there - the EPS conduit was causing glitches and system errors across C Deck, and while they were working on resolving it, she knew that Engineering was going to be busy with the conduit itself. She got pulled off briefly to go look at the systems, only to blanch a bit when she saw what had happened. The spike had actually destroyed a storage node - backed up, replaceable with spares, but would require a system to be moved offline.

The communicator in Messala's pocket began to alert, "Engineering to Commander Messala," the voice said when she answered.

"Messala here."

"Ma'am, we've had a major EPS blowout on C Deck and we expect it to cause issues with IT equipment. Might want to do some system checks if you've not already noticed any issues."

"I've noted a few, but we're about to do full system checks to be safe. Thank you for telling me."

As Spencer and Annett reached the bridge Spencer cleared his throat, "Captain on the bridge."

As everyone snapped to attention Spencer moved around the bridge to one of the damage control stations.

"Carry on," she said. "I have the bridge," she commanded, "helm reduce to cruising speed."

"Captain has the bridge," the Officer of the Deck, repeated. Before they had time to give a report the helmsman repeated their order.

"Are we getting damage reports from anywhere else?" Annett asked.

Cirice tapped her panel, "So far just proximity to the Galley fire."

"Starfleet Command was notified of our situation," she said. "I wouldn't bother taking the time to notify the Terra Novans they'd probably just get a good laugh at our expense," she said, accidentally using her outside voice instead of her inside voice.


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