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All Hands Prepare for Rescue

Posted on 04 May 2021 @ 10:20am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Lieutenant Commander Natsumi Messala & Chief Petty Officer Brianna Traynor

Mission: A Miner Problem
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1123

Annett sat in her office reviewing the damage reports from the fire in the Galley. There seemed to be some sort of widespread electrical issue throughout the deck that the engineering and operations departments were checking into. The support department was working on salvaging whatever they could in the galley and preparing to dispense emergency rations on another deck in the meantime. There were multiple crew members that were injured to the point of being restricted to sickbay and knew there’d be a few more on restricted duty or sick in quarters even if they were given the okay by the doctor to leave the sickbay.

They were now only thirty minutes from arriving in the Terra Novan system and the crew was not fed, not ready, and morale was low as their shipmates were injured and their own ship in disarray. She had sent off a notification to Starfleet Command which was acknowledged and she found out their medical reinforcements would arrive in two days' time.

She was glad to hear they were already on their way as both herself and the Colonel had been waiting breath held for a word that they’d be coming within weeks let alone days. It seems that command despite their inquiries failed to mention that help was on the way.

In further reflection, it was upsetting that she had never thought to augment personnel or at least to push heavily for it. She had requested additional personnel but it was never approved staying that no other ship in the fleet had the medical staff her’s had but she knew if this was a major accident on the mine that the few medical officers they had wouldn’t be enough.

Terra Nova had stopped responding to their attempts to communicate with the colonial government advising them they had made notifications to Starfleet but otherwise felt that their duties were completed. Why should the mine get help when they had been abandoned by the Federation for years?

Obviously, it was a lot more complicated than that but they were still having a hard time regaining the trust and cooperation from the reconnected colony. Though they were worlds ahead in relations than they had been previously and even had personnel on the ground hoping to catch the colony’s population meet the Earth standards in technology, education, and language.

She switched to the system viewer on her computer console and checked the ship's range from their destination. She thought for a moment and determined the ship's own sensors should be able to begin some very basic scans of the planet and be in direct communications range.

She hit the comm panel on her desk, "Captain to the Bridge," she said.

"Commander Messala here."

"Commander have communications look for any communications signals coming from the mine and attempt to hail them directly. Also, have tactical begin full scans of the planet in the area of the mine, I know we're still a bit far but we should be able to get something," she ordered.

"Aye, aye ma'am." Natsumi responded. It made sense and they might find something.

"Very well, I'll be out shortly," Annett said as she switched to her e-mail and began to send an update to Forces Command to advise them of their status.

"Tactical, begin scan of the planet around the mine. Communications, are we receiving anything from the mine?." Natsumi said, taking a breath.

"Let's begin hailing them - we're a bit far out, but we should try now."

Brianna began a standard scan pattern focusing on the mine disaster and watched as the results began coming in. She frowned, "not much because of distance and interference, I'm detecting the dome over the mine, but at this point, we can't penetrate it."

"Captain on the bridge," someone announced, as Annett entered from her office. Of course, it was just a tradition to announce with what was happening on the bridge it would be inappropriate for anything else to happen.

"I didn't think we'd get much but it was worth a shot," Annett said, having heard Traynor's remarks "Comms any signals?"

"Nothing coming from the mine or the colony," the COMMS Watchstander said.

"Also not a surprise," she said. "Notify Starfleet Command that we are approaching and will report once we complete our investigation. All hands to form their response teams and move to their staging areas for deployment to the surface," she ordered.

The aye's came back from COMMS and the OOD as Annett moved to the command chair and took her seat relocating LCDR Mesalla who would move to an auxiliary station.

"Attention, attention, all hands report to your staging areas and prepare for rescue operations," was announced across the ship.


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