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The Disaster

Posted on 11 May 2021 @ 10:38am by Captain Annett Matthews D.Eng. & Command Master Chief Spencer Barrentine & Lieutenant Commander Natsumi Messala & Lieutenant Commander Josiah Hawkins

Mission: A Miner Problem
Location: Combat Information Center
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1200

Antares had been in orbit of the moon, Terra Nova B, for approximately half an hour now. The Captain had shifted operations to the Combat Information Center which also served as their Emergency Operations Center when more appropriately suited. Currently, CWO3 Sharque was on the bridge as Officer of the Deck dealing with ship operations.

"We should form an initial landing team to enter the dome and really see what is happening. We're not getting a complete picture with the scans and we can't see into the dome because of atmospheric changes," Annett said, annoyed. She shook her head annoyed and glanced over each shoulder at the three members of her senior staff looking over her shoulders at her screen.

Josiah was not in a position to disagree. It didn't matter how much they tried to increase sensor resolution or adjust the other features, the sensors just couldn't penetrate. "Even once we get inside, I doubt our hand scanners will be more effective than what we're doing here. We really should take some of our diagnostic tools with us."

Spencer nodded in response and started taking a few notes.

"We have four shuttle pods and we can launch and recover two at a time," she reminded them as the Antaers was the only ship capable of that number of pods or the dual launching capability. Her head turned back to her screen as she tried to form a plan an imaginary whiteboard appearing in her mind.

"I would say keep one pod in reserve for command and reserve operations, one tasked to medical operations and to be staged on the moon's surface at all times except to transport evacuations, and then that leaves the other two moving back and forth to shuttle personnel and equipment. Each pod can carry a pilot and seven passengers or cargo..." Annett said as the wheels turned in her mind.

"I say we half-and-half it," Josiah proposed. "Four people to a shuttle, along with enough gear to set up a command post, a heavy scanner, and a mobile machine shop. I imagine we'll have to affect several emergency repairs as soon as we see them."

"Works for me," she said, "we can deploy a team with the reserve shuttle on the first round to get more feet on the ground and then have it return to be in reserve, thoughts?"

Josiah nodded. "That works for me. We should probably take a MACO or an armory specialist just to help us keep our stuff secure."

"MACO team would be advisable. If we use all four shuttles to establish a command post and transport supplies, we should easily be able to get twenty people on the ground fairly quickly. This would allow us to establish a secure landing and command area, then begin exploration." Spencer said after running through some of the figures in his head.

"I plan on trying my best to stay up here in CIC to command, who wants to take command of the forward command post?" Annett asked.

Natsumi had been nodding and being quiet, then frowns. "I can go to the forward command post. I've left behind a plan if something happens to our comms, but I should be able to better allocate our resources planetside, Captain."

“I’m sure the communications department can handle as necessary up here,” Annett said. She looked between Messala and Hawkins wondering in her mind who she’d rather place in command. Though from an operation standpoint Hawkins would likely be better in the hands on capacity. She nodded a bit but didn’t commit to a decision as her gaze lingered on Hawkins for a moment.

“That’s fine you can establish the command post and the ground operations base, we need a way to replenish EVA suits on the surface, that will be the base’s primary responsibility. Commander Hawkins will lead the operations,” Annett said.

“So, for our first operational period I have overall command here at CIC, Sharque and Craven can rotate handling the bridge, Hawkins Operations, Messala logistics, and Master Chief can coordinate shuttle movements. Any questions, comments, concerns?”

Natsumi nodded, working her way through the logic and supply chains in her brain.

"Nothing on my end," Spencer replied.

Josiah shook his head. "I think I'm ready to start poking around in that mine. I've rigged up a series of handheld beacons that we can deploy throughout the mines. They'll sync up to the suit's comm unit and will trigger a warning to the CP whenever a suit is damaged, someone stops breathing, or hits a distress signal. Should function well enough as a tether."

"Good," Annett said, with a nod. "Lets get down to business... everyone has their assignments. I'll fill those rotating in and out of the OOD slot in with the plans. I expect first reports when contact is made in the dome, in the mine, and when the CP is established. Get to work..."


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