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A Volunteer

Posted on 07 May 2021 @ 11:25am by Sergeant First Class Vincent Ewing & Colonel Kehlan ch’ Bari MD

Mission: A Miner Problem
Location: H Deck, Cargo Bay 3
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1145

Sergeant First Class Ewing, the MACO Medical Sergeant, entered Cargo Bay 3 where he was told the medical staging point was for the rescue operations. It was convenient as it was also the deck the launch bay and the configurable mission area where the expanded medical facilities were located.

"Colonel," SFC Ewing called, as he approached the ship's Senior Medical Officer. They were there gathering equipment and preparing to depart for the planetary surface.

"Ah, Sergeant." It had taken some time for Kehlan to learn all the Starfleet ranks and then the MACO ranks on top of that.

"With respect sir," he said, putting down two large containers which looked like suitcases down on the ground. "I have my own pressure suit and it will leave another open for another crew member if I take the place of one of your Corpsman on the deployment team. I am much better trained to work in the field and your senior Corpsman is more likely needed to supervise up here than going down to the surface."

Kehlan nodded at the logic. "Make sure you have your suit inspected by the Quartermaster before we deploy." He paused, checking his list.

"Gear is all set sir," he said. "Who is the senior person? I'll send them over to the temporary hospital."

Kehlan may have practiced ranks, but names were not his forte. " It's ermmm. Lieutenant..." He paused. "The Chief Petty Officer." He said confidently.

"You got it doc," the SFC said, with a nod and turned to go seek them out.


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