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Relay Station None

Unfortunately I made an error updating our forums, Relay Station One, and caused them to be broken. The crew and I decided that we were going to disregard the build up of forums and continue our development solely on our Discord server. The community rules have been updated again to reflect that our forums are…
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Community Rules Update

As required by our community rules this is notification that our community rules have been updated! To view our community rules on the UES Database please click here. In order to save you some time the following items were updated. The rules were updated to fit the new community name of “United Earth Starfleet”. It…
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Follow us on Facebook!

United Earth Starfleet is developing it’s own Social Media program and is now on Facebook! Check it out:

Introducing United Earth Starfleet

Welcome to United Earth Starfleet based on the EagleVerse canon created by Stephen and Kristen for use on the Eagle NX-12 a few years ago. Wanting to reprise the era but not wanting to continue with the Eagle without our original characters the Antares NX-11 was born and then thoughts of the creation of a…
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