Starfleet Command and Staff

Starfleet Command and Staff

Admiral Seth Kern
Chief of Starfleet Operations
UES Member: Stephen
Discord: Stephen#0373
The Chief of Starfleet Operations (COS) is the commanding officer of the entirety of United Earth Starfleet. The COS is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the community and setting the direction for the Starfleet Commands and Staff Departments to follow in developing our community. The current Chief of Operations is a Co-Founder of our Alternate Universe known as "EagleVerse" Canon and was the original Game Master of our founding sim.
MCPOS Olivia Alexander
Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet
UES Member: Aaron
Discord: RedBird #4523
The Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet (MCPOS) is the chief advisor to the Chief of Starfleet Operations and Chief of Staff on all matters of membership. The MCPOS is an additional community administrator and assists in the smooth operation of the community.
Rear Admiral Richard Wayne
Director of Public Affairs
UES Member: aparry
Discord: aparry#5929
The director of Public Affairs (DPA) is responsible for Managing the UES Community, Social Media, Managing the UES Awards System, and handling member's complaints and concerns as they relate to the public image or rule violations of the community. The Public Affairs Director is a crucial member of the team in retention, recruitment, and recognition of our great members.
Rear Admiral Jordyn Verris
Director of Mission Support
Discord: orionSquared #1760
The Director of Mission Support (DMS) is responsible for the creation, management, and updates to our database. This includes but is not limited to canon decisions made by the Cannon Council in coordination with the Starfleet Historian, development of ship/base specifications, and helping provide unit commanders with useful resources.
Vice Admiral Leah Hartley ,Ret.
Starfleet Historian
UES Member: Kristen
United Earth Starfleet's Historian is a Co-Founder of the UES Canon known as "EagleVerse" and was the original Assistant Game Master on the founding sim Eagle. Currently, the historian is an advisor to the Canon Council regarding all matters canon to our alternate universe.

Unit Commanding Officers

Unit Commanding Officers are the Game Masters responsible for the operation of their individual unit (aka sim/game/group). The Unit Commanding Officers in addition to Starfleet Command make up the Canon Council. The Canon Council makes all determinations on what becomes UES canon.

Commanding OfficerUnit CommandedName/Discord

Captain Gene Cavett
Eagle NX-11
Starfleet Flagship
Special NPC Ship

Captain Annett Matthews
Antares NX-12
Deep Space Rescue

Captain Siofra Blackwood
Falcon NX-08LadyLeopard

Captain Thomas Merrick
Apollo Base FOB-1
Treaty Enforcement Group 1
To apply for your own command please contact the Chief of Starfleet Operations using the information above.