Monthly Report

A Report from Starfleet Command

Happy April Fools Day! Despite the day, this is a serious report coming from the members of Starfleet Command and going out to all of the members of UES. As announced a couple of weeks ago Starfleet Command was going to post and regularly update goals that we have for the community to let everyone know what we have going on, what we could use help with, and what grand plans we have for our group. So this is our first official update on how things are going with those new goals despite having given ourselves until April to begin using the set deadlines we placed on ourself which are a month followed by every three in spacing for goals.

We have completed one of our goals which was a database to better track special awards, achievements, and assignments of members. This also included a way to track member issues related to moderation and sadly people who may no longer be welcome (temporarily or not) in the organization.

We also have multiple other items in progress including trying to build a Mission Support team which will directly assist the Director of Mission Support in the development of things such as articles for our database, official specifications for ships and our base, etc. If you think you might be interested please let myself or the DMS know on Discord (Stephen#0373 or orionSquared#1760).

As of now these our current goals that we would like to have completed by 1 MAY 2021 with their progress notes added. If you would like to view all of our community goals you can always find them under the community menu on the website or by going to

  • Establish Specifications Team – In progress
  • Recruit Director of Public Affairs – In progress
  • Establish Canon Specs for NX-Type Ship
    • Include Warp 6 Variant note (NX12 is first, any additional NX)
    • Include Deep Space Rescue Variant note (NX11 only)
  • Database for Award/Special Assignment Tracking – Completed
  • Begin working on Apollo Base Specifications – In progress
  • Begin recruiting for Falcon – On Hold (CO LOA)

We look forward to the continued growth of our organization and the continued support of our members and friends.

On behalf of Starfleet Command,

Stephen aka,
Admiral Seth Kern
Chief of Starfleet Operations