Antares (NX-11)

Unit: Antares NX-11 Unit Class: NX-Type (Rescue Variant)  Unit Status: Active

Commanding Officer: CAPT Annett Matthews


The Antares (NX-11) is a specially outfitted NX-Type Starship that is equipped to lead United Earth Starfleet’s Deep Space Rescue Task Group. Antares is a Warp 5 capable vessel that is two decks larger than the average NX-Type and has a modular deck system to equip for various rescue and emergency responses.

Current Mission

A Miner Problem

After communication was re-established with the Terra Nova colony by Starfleet and United Earth a mining colony was established on Moon B of Terra Nova. The Terra Nova B Mine has been operating since 2155 and a distress signal from Terra Nova Colony reporting a loss of contact with the mine has been reported. The Antares NX-11 has been dispatched to establish contact and find out what happened.


Crew Manifest

     Annett Matthews, Commanding Officer – Written by Stephen